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About us
  •     Shenzhen City Jade Jing Cheng toys & Gifts Co., Ltd., specializing in the production of the proportion of each 1/6,1/12 activities doll clothes, and the proportion of each 1/6,1/5,1/4,1/2 resin doll clothes, BJD doll clothes, as well as other filling doll dress.

        Our sewing master has years of experience in the production of doll clothing, craft skill, exquisite quality.

        The division can be on behalf of the development and design of new products, welcome domestic and foreign customers who need to visit the intention to visit.

Contact us

Shenzhen city Jing Yu Cheng toys & Gifts Co., Ltd.

Contact person: Mr. Cao

Hand machine: 15999555958

Electric words: 0755-89254492

Postal Code: 518118

Web site: www.jyctoy.com

Mail box: jyctoy@163.com


Address: Shenzhen City Pingshan Pingshan Street six No. 1 East Village community and fly west first building 201

Contact: Mr. Cao telephone: address 0755-89254492: Flying six Pingshan New District, Shenzhen, Ping Shan Street community and Village No. 1 West of the 1 201

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